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  • Interview with Director Rohwild and Prof. Lieberman
    The purpose of this interview is to provide the participants of the AACII Congress with a picture of the history of Director Rohrwild of the Nuremberg Oberth Air and Space Museum Archives and future perspectives of Prof. Lieberman USA.



  • Experttalk Fraunhofer IISB Erlangen
    Due to a large number of requests from delegates attending the AACII Congress, we continue to conduct expert discussions. In addition, everyone would like to stay in touch with innovative developments from research-oriented, technology-oriented companies as well as personalities from the aerospace industry. Additionally, we remain focused on ensuring our new generation attends all sessions. We are proud to present high-profile speakers who present in their area of expertise.
    Ulrike Trapp Introduction to the AACII Expert Talk
    Florian Hilpert. Welcome from IISB Fraunhofer
    Dr. Jochen Friedrich, head of the materials department with “Semiconductors for Space”
    Dr. Fritz Merkle, former member of the Executive Board of OHB SE
    “From space adventure to space economy – what’s new in space”
    Jan Suk, Founder & CFO HIVE, new drones “Automated UAV systems for holistic air traffic management”
    Marcus Neugeborn from Siemens Aerospace sheds light on innovative 4.0 industrial production.
    Günay Can, winner of the DLR Aerospace Prize 2022, presents the aviation “Inferno Project”.


  • The AACII presentation for Baku IAC
    The second Aviation Aerospace Congress Interdisciplinary International will be on Wednesday 12 February 2025. This is the presentation for Baku IAC.



  • Markus Ferber – Member of the European Parliament.
    The Free State of Bavaria is one of the most traditional and important aerospace locations in the world – in industry as well as in research. Bavaria is home to system companies, numerous innovative companies in the supply industry, technical service providers, manufacturers of special machines and tools, leading international science and training institutions as well as an outstanding air traffic infrastructure.
    The economic and technological successes are based not least on a research landscape that is unparalleled in Germany. Eight universities and technical colleges and six major research institutions such as the German Aerospace Center and the institutes of the Fraunhofer and Max Planck Society are making their contribution to securing Bavaria’s leading position in the future.



    At this year’s Paris Airshow, Prof Michael Weigand, shown here in the left picture, impressed. As part of the Expert Talk reception at the stand of the Vienna University of Technology, he gave a presentation on the latest developments in his research area of machine elements and aviation gearboxes. Participants in the expert talk also included Havelsan from Turkey and Diehl Aviation VP Corporate Communications Guido van Geenen, pictured here on the right. From the Franconia region, Schaeffler Aerospace, Fraunhofer IISB Aviation, Leistritz and Siemens Aerospace were among those present at the Paris Airshow.


  • AACII and TU Vienna Expert Talk Aviation
    On July 24, 2023, numerous experts from the aviation industry, representatives of the BMK, the FFG, industry associations and members of the Vienna University of Technology came together for an expert talk about future climate-friendly aircraft and propulsion systems in the Kuppelsaal on Karlsplatz. This event was organized jointly by Trapp Networks – AACII and the Institute for Construction Sciences and Product Development at TU VIENNA.
    The Expert Talk was moderated by Ms. Ulrike Trapp and Mr. Prof. Michael Weigand. In their opening words, the Vice Rector for Research at the TU Vienna, Mr. Prof. Johannes Fröhlich and the designated Rector of the TU Vienna, Prof. Jens Schneider, pointed out the importance of sustainability in the aviation industry as well as responsibility towards the environment with increasing technical progress. The head of the department for space affairs and aviation technologies at the BMK, Ms. Margit Mischkulnig, praised the initiative to exchange the latest scientific findings, advances and developments in the field of climate-friendly aviation.
    AACII and TU Vienna Expert Talk (© Dominik Skrna, TU Vienna)
    Prof. Martin Berens in his presentation on future aircraft systems, Martin Berens highlighted the potential of cryo-electric propulsion systems (liquid hydrogen LH2, PEM fuel cells, electric machines) and approaches to efficient thermal management, as well as an insight into an ongoing project to reduce noise emissions Propellers for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). Afterwards, Prof. Michael Weigand‘s presentation on future drive systems pointed out the current challenges and presented gear-based solutions that can contribute to significant reductions in aviation’s CO2 emissions in the short to medium term. In his lively lecture, Prof. Carsten Gachot clearly presented the reduction of friction and wear using innovative approaches for efficient, reliable and low-maintenance future aircraft drives and systems. Finally, Mr. Volker Fuchs, CEO and owner of TEST-FUCHS GmbH, emphasized in his contribution the desire to form a team with various players from industry and science in the hydrogen sector in order to implement the changes in the aviation sector To promote sustainability.Due to the success of the first edition of this format at the TU Vienna, the next Expert Talk is already being planned for next year 2024.



  • Ms. Ulrike Trapp from TRAPP NETWORKS visited Berlin for the BDI’s New Space Initiative and interviewed the host Mr. Matthias Wachter. The New Space Initiative is a unique alliance of NewSpace start-ups, space companies, associations, and classic industrial companies and the digital economy. More than 70 companies and associations are already members of the initiative. The aim is to unite the different players under one roof for the first time and thus actively promote the digital transformation of the German economy through space applications.


  • The interview with Prof. Wübbenhorst and Ms. Trapp in the German Museum in Nuremberg. See the answers to many important questions about the Nuremberg metropolitan region, all about aviation and space travel.


  • We don’t want to withhold the impressions of the last expert talk in Würzburg from you. As part of this event, the current regional, innovative developments in research, technically advanced companies, as well as personalities from the space and aviation sector will be presented. Another focus is on the younger generation.


  • Interview with Emqopter at the Hannover Messe 2023
    Emqopter is the flying robot, an “all-rounder” in civil applications. It is the first unmanned aircraft system to be regularly operated in urban open airspace in Germany. Autonomous technologies are unmanned flying robots used for industrial applications. A spare part is transported from A to B in the shortest possible time. There is a high demand there. And virtual use makes horizontal road traffic easier and is therefore environmentally friendly. There are tailor-made drones for every need – that is also our strength. says Marvin Bihl, managing director of Emqopter.


  • Nuremberg opens its doors to the aerospace industry
    “Boarding completed, ready for takeoff, please take your seats and fasten your seat belts now”.
    Isn’t it wonderful that flying is possible again?
    Flying connects people and that was also the motto of this year’s aerospace congress in Nuremberg, the AACII (Aerospace Aviation Congress Interdisciplinary International)
    The “Who’s Who” of the aerospace sector met to present the best and latest technologies for the entire sector to a professional audience.
    You ask yourself, what does Nuremberg have to do with the aerospace industry?
    Not only the Albrecht Dürer Airport, but also the Planetarium, the Space Museum in Feucht, the German Museum in the center of Nuremberg and some companies that have settled in the region, such as Diehl Aviation.
    And we are also on board, of course. A home game.
    On July 4th, on the Innovation Day of the congress, Jürgen Nolde, VP Siemens Vertical Aerospace, opened the Breakfast Speech and presented to the congress participants how Siemens supports the aerospace industry to operate more efficient, more flexible, and more sustainable.
    The industry is facing monumental challenges: rapidly changing market conditions, financial pressures and, at the same time, an increasingly urgent need for greater sustainability. Aerospace companies better meet these highly complex challenges by fully digitizing and automating their processes with our Siemens portfolio to become a true Digital Enterprise. We accompany our customers on their digital transformation journey.


  • The press and specialist audience are enthusiastic about the previous Expert Talks
    The numerous positive feedback on the premiere of the first aerospace flight last summer led to the AACII Expert Talk event series.


  • The premiere of the first aerospace congress AACII 2022 was a complete success. This lasted over 4 days. Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Norway, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, as well as Ethiopia, Australia, Emirates, India, Japan, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, USA and more were represented.


  • Würzburg space expert Klaus Schilling says Ade
    Prof. Klaus Schilling gave his farewell lecture at the University of Würzburg. As a child he won “Jugend forscht” and Schilling sent satellites into space with students. Most recently, he and his team developed a satellite factory.


  • Interview: Ms Trapp and Florian Hilpert Fraunhofer IISB
    Florian Hilpert on the next generation of power electronics systems with the highest power densities, state-of-the-art technologies such as SiC and GaN wide band gap (WBG) components.
    In addition, the Frauenhofer Institute IISB provides complete prototype systems for automotive applications, as well as technologies for the complete high-voltage backbone of an electric aircraft, ranging from non-/isolating DC/DC converters and AC/DC motors/grid inverters to complete battery systems and DC grid control technologies.



  • Interview: Ms. Trapp and Dr. Tomasek
    The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade under the Czech EU Council Presidency and the European Commission organized the 8th edition of the European Cluster Conference on September 26th and 27th, 2022 in Prague (CZ). This event, supported by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), was a unique opportunity to bring together cluster policymakers, cluster managers, practitioners and other stakeholders.














  • Advance notices from the press France Emirates, Nuremberg Feucht Space Museum
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  • Advance announcements from the press Dubai space flight and helishow, Airtech Messe Munich
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  • Online magazine of the University of Würzburg:
    Prize for Klaus Schilling
    Professor Klaus Schilling was honored for his outstanding achievements in promoting young talent in aerospace. He received the inaugural AACII Award.


  • AACII 2022 – BDI study:
    Prof. Dieter Kempf, Prof. Reinhold Bertrand (ESA), Dr. Dietmar Völkle (Diehl Aviation), Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Nolde (Siemens Aerospace), Matthias Wachter (BDI), Hans Rudolf Wöhrl (Aviation Airlines).
    The AACII Congress presented and explained the most innovative developments in the aerospace industry and the applications in important areas.


  • Interview with Ms. Ulrike Trapp and the BVMW – Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses
    Our medium-sized businesses need a future right now. The job machines of our economy were and are the heart of our economy. The BVMW Association has dedicated itself to this topic and has achieved some success.
    When we announce the Nuremberg Aerospace Congress, the first question arises: Why in Nuremberg? These and other questions are answered in this video.


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