Comments AACII 2022


All of the lectures, panel discussions and contributions, meetings and dialogues at AACII, which have been given by aerospace industry had such important impetus, especially in the current complicated but also dynamic era. How very interesting. Thank you so much!


We like to thank you and congratulate you on this very successful AACII Congress. This format is really unique and promotes networking, especially through the joint activities at the various, very exciting event places you introduced in this city and region.


We are really thankful for bringing us closer to the innovations of our region at the AACII and also for presenting them to international delegates in such a great way. This was a premier with succes and we keep are valuable memories for fruitful meeting and future collaborations we benefit from!


Let us mention that is was great work!. Also I had a such wonderful time during the days, never ever before in any congress. Everybody notices it was noticed by all participants how perfectly organized the whole programs worked out with best results. Most interesting personalities in the sectors aviation aerospace you could see, many new faces and amazing innovations. It was just a new style of congress that convinced us. Even I could expand my network while visiting the AACII. Invite me for the next one, I`d be there for sure.

Cooperational partner

It was so surprising with such a number of events comprised on three days. Each and every time attractively presented. And all those unique innovations I never had heard about coming from this city and region.
We all been overwhelmed such a welcoming atmosphere. Each and every delegate enjoyed and mentioned it so many times during the AACII Congress. It gave us a picture that this concept is a really new dimension for meetings between science and new technology facilities.

State government

In the global aerospace industry our country is hardly noticed anywhere even recognized by its official bodies. Even though these sectors are important with their future technologies and jobs for the new generation. Looking at our understanding of civil society, the AACII not only filled a gap in the best sense of the word, but also created something that means much more for everyone involved. We are proud of this being organized here in Bavaria with many international delegates.

Automotive Industry

I particularly liked the idea of holding the conference at 13 different highlight locations throughout the city and the region even. This made it so very easy to connect with the others. Don’t know if I ever been so impressed at any congress and how smoothly AACII went on for 3 days. The Award Ceremony was exciting and the Expert Summit giving good ideas. The program was extremely exciting and varied. The high end contributions of the participants been outstanding.

Business consulting

The mixture of professional input and the way how each one got to know each other personally was new to me. It was really an unsurpassed atmosphere during all times. I been at so many occasions of this kind, but how it well it turned out to be a mixture, There were startups and well-known companies, research institutions, official personalities – all of them been delighted to see each other and begin to think of how to cooperate. Thank you very much – in this culture every one develops in best way, trustful relationships grow for a better future together.

IT Service provider

From our point of view, the event was a complete success because of a new concept, put into perfect preparation and each one could fine some benefit for all the new spirit that came out of it.
Everybody I had contact with seemed to have been carefully selected. So significant added value came out of the AACII as an event itself. How well it allowed to communicate in an appropriate professional manner. This we appreciate as well as the exchange of ideas. All of the future technologies showed to be associated with the development and use of new resources to result in a unique effect.


Thank you very much for organizing this new type of congress! Never we have seen such highly interested and interesting delegates, such surprising and exciting highlights like the Expert Summit on stage. It was a great enrichment and joy for all of us. We are grateful to be have been part of this unique event. At the Kaiserburg we learned the first time about medieval innovations created in this region.


We do like to thank you very much for this great AACII. You really now how to ran such a 13 station congress all successfully. We been amazed by such highly valuable participants and their portfolio. It was an overall promising and productive time we enjoyed.

Aviation industry expert

This was a great congress, such a commitment of the industries and all came our with outstanding talks, discussions, and cooperative inspirations. Our advice after all the impression is. repeat it – we all need this type of congress.

Technology industry

I was happy that I could make it to visit the congress in the Meistersingerhalle, Hall of Champions and indeed, there were
Champions with vast potentials for a dialogue. We liked the exchange of technology and science. It was extremely interesting and as well the presentation of the Global AACII Award Ceremony with the two Winners. Everyone I saw and heard expressed how much they loved it. The entire organization was excellent. I can only say that it exceeded all expectations and all what I know from other congresses.