Expert Talk Wachtberg



Interdisciplinary conference:

5. October 2023, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m
 Due to many inquiries from the delegates at the first AACII Aerospace Congress in Nuremberg, expert discussions are now taking place at Fraunhofer FKIE Wachtberg
The interdisciplinary dialogues are a platform for innovative developments from science, companies with personalities from the aerospace industry, including participants from the new generation.
High-ranking speakers show new perspectives for the future:
„Together for a better world“


Fraunhofer FKIE Institut Wachtberg
Fraunhoferstraße 20, D-53343 Wachtberg, R 256


Welcome and introduction Ulrike Trapp

1. Drones as an issue for business and security

UxS – Technological Enablers of NATO’s Security Umbrella
NN., Office of the NATO Chief Scientist, NATO CSO, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Drone technology and infrastructure in the context of security policy
Research: Considerations for dealing with “autonomous systems”

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Mayer, CASSIS, Universität Bonn
The Arctic in transition – drones for a new economic area
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Koch, Fraunhofer FKIE / Universität Bonn

2. Application through integration of commercial drones

Drones in the context of critical infrastructures: new opportunities
and risks to security of supply
Mathias Böswetter, Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry Berlin
Problems of the safe integration of drones into the airspace
NN., Deutsche Flugsicherung, DFS, Langen
AI-based information fusion for an extended air situation picture
Dr. Jürgen Bestle, Hensoldt Sensors GmbH, Ulm

3. Averting risks from harmful drones

Regulation problems from an industrial policy perspective
Dr. Hans-Christoph Atzpodien, BDSV, Berlin
Legal questions in the area of official drone defense
Dr. Tassilo Singer, Zentrale Stelle für Informationstechnik im Sicherheitsbereich
Problems of drone defense from a research perspective
Dr. Christian Steffes, Hans-Peter Stuch, Fraunhofer FKIE




Fraunhofer Institut FKIE,
Fraunhoferstraße 20,
D-53343 Wachtberg,
R 256