Information for visitors

The first international interdisciplinary aerospace congress is open to innovative companies who are scientists and engineers, astro-cosmonauts and professionals interested in exploring the technological challenges and business opportunities in the aerospace industry and synergies with ground-based solutions and services are interested.
Visitor registration is here. The same goes for the detailed overview of costs and services
Source: Meistersingerhalle Nuermberg


Please fill out the document and send it back signed.

AACII Visitor Registration 2022 ENG


The invitations for the individual days can be found here:


3rd of July – Welcome Day:

Invitation – Welcome Day 3. July 2022


4th of July – Innovation Day:

Invitation – Space Breakfast 4. July 2022

Invitation – Aviation Brunch Innovation day 4. July 2022

Invitation – Walk & Pitches 4. July 2022

Invitation – Innovation Night 4. July 2022


5th of July – Congress Day Meistersingerhalle:

Invitation – Congress Day 5. July 2022

Invitation – Emperors Castle 5. July 2022

Invitation – Emperors Courtyards Hexen 5. July 2022


6th of July – High Tech Tour:

Invitation – High Tec Roundtour Deutsches Museum 6. July

6th of July – High Tech Tour:

Invitation – Planetarium 6. July


You will receive our list of costs and services immediately upon request at:
The entrance fees for individual events are as follows:
July 3, 2022:
Welcome to the Aero + Space Garden: 107.10 euros

July 4, 2022:
Innovation Day: 226.10 euros
Total participation, per person per day, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. including breakfast brunch, innovation walk with pitches

Innovation Night entry with food and drinks: 190.40 euros

July 5, 2022:
Admission to Congress Day per person from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.: EUR 226.10
Participation per person in the Knights’ Hall: 380.80 euros
Participation per person in the castle restaurant: 190.40 euros

July 6, 2022:
High-tech circular tour of the metropolitan region: EUR 226.10
The Aircrew Dinner at Nuremberg Airport: EUR 190.40