6th of July – Hi Tec Tour

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Schedule of the High-Tech Roundtrip
6. Juli 2022

9.00 am

Deutsches Museum Nürnberg

Source: Deutsches Museum Nürnberg

Enjoy the Intergalactic Brunch „Flying cockpit Treats” prepared with recipes from the Star Wars Cookbook for participants of the congress including university researchers and cosmonauts at the reception in the new Deutsches Museum Nürnberg. Anfrage

This new museum features the future and is a dependence of the Deutsches Museum Munich. exhibiting innovations in technology that will shape the future. The exhibition rooms are open, lively and surround a courtyard with view to the river Pegnitz that connects the whole region.


12.00 am

Planetarium Nürnberg

Source: Wikipedia / Demidow

Not only this is one of the first of its kind, but also one of the best. For us, the Planetarium will feature a presentation on„The 10 Top Space Innovations on Planet“


2.00 PM

Aerospace Museum Nürnberg-Feucht

Source: Hermann Oberth Raumfahrt Museum

The first aerospace museum in Europe features sensational exhibits, such as the “Giant sphere of interplanetary spaceflight technologies” and the first movies about the topic of aerospace including the cult film “The Woman on the Moon” which will be enriched by an expert presentation. Anfrage

8.00 PM

“The Famous Aircrew Dinner ”. Aviation Location at the Nuremberg Airport

Source: Airport Nuremberg

The big highlight of Nuremberg aviation awaits you at “The Famous Aircrew Dinner”. This international Albrecht Duerer Airport Nürnberg is one of the closest to downtown and exhibition center. This is an important link of the regions infrastructure – by road, water ways, air travel and railroad. . Nuremberg has always
been a pioneer for future technology, often adopted by other regions as role model. Also the first pedestrian zone downtown was realized right here, the first driveless metro and many other exciting innovations.

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