6ter July

Get-together at the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

7.00 PM

A shuttle will brings you to the Nuremberg Imperial Castle.
For 1,000 years, this castle has been the favor of all our rulers. Today this mediaeval treasure shines in new glance.
Since mediaval times in the field of aviation and aerospace. Poster and flyer highlight the research and developments on all continents.
„The Gravity Free“ Dinner starts with with “Micromolecular Food” and “High in the Sky Aviation Space Mocktails“.

The Vice President of the Bavarian Parliament, Karl Freller, will present “Sensational technology from this region“.
Sponsors, exhibitors, astronauts, aviation and aerospace experts, diplomats and representatives of regions and countries will receive a separate invitation to this event.

Earthrise for Uprise changes perspectives. The question is not if but how we handle our mission in the orbit.
«Earthrise» is the picture that has shown humanity another perspective on our planet. It shows the moon horizon – a picture that has been shot by William Anders at Christmas Eve 1965 with Frank Borman during the Apollo 8 – Mission. Shows the moon horizon
by William Anders Christmas Eve 1965 with Frank Borman on the Apollo 8 mission