Expert Talk Rosenheim



AACII Expert Talk at FuG Elektronik on 18.10.2023 – Spacecraft Engine Technologies



18th October 2023, start at 12:30 until 5.30 PM.  
XP Power – FuG Elektronik GmbH Gewerbegebiet Schechen-Nord, Am Eschengrund 11,
D 83135 Schechen Rosenheim



12:30 Lunch with Alp view with 2 Pitches bzw Dr. Müller OHB
13:30 Announcement of speakers by Ulrike Trapp
Welcome of participants by Angelika Semen-Fridgen
Speakers with each 15 – 20 Minuten
– Dr. Kristof Holste
– Prof. Dr. Chris Volkmar, Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen
– ION-X/CNRS France
– Aerospazio Italy
16:30 Production tour, organized by FuG teams
18:00 Bavarian snacks with special round with 2 pitches
Transport to Hotel


FuG Elektronik, Am Eschengrund 11, 83135 Schechen

Refreshments, small meals, beverages are waiting for you to enjoy further exchange among the participants.
At this event everyone is photographed and filmed. By agreeing/participating, you agree that pictures of you may be published in print media, TV, online and social networks.




FuG Elektronik,
Am Eschengrund 11,
83135 Schechen


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