Expert Talk Erlangen



Date: Monday, 29 August 2022 start at 2.30 pm till 5.30pm.Schottkystraße 10, 91058 Erlangen.
Due to a great number of requests of delegates joining the AACII Congress we continue with Expert Talks. Also, everybody likes to get and keep in touch with innovative developments of research, technology driven companies as well as personalities of the aerospace and aviation segment.
Furthermore, we continue to focus on ensuring that our new generation is part of all sessions. We are proud to present high ranking speakers who give a speech within their fields:

Honorable Mayor of Economy Erlangen, Konrad Beugel gives a picture if this vibrant city Erlangen, known for outstanding technologies worldwide
Ulrike Trapp Introduction of for this AACII Expert Talk Florian Hilpert. Welcome by IISB Fraunhofer
Dr. Jochen Friedrich, Head of Department Materials: “Semiconductors for space”

Dr. Fritz Merkle, former Member of the OHB SE Executive Board
„From Space Adventure to Space Economy – what is New in Space“

Siemens Aerospace, Marcus Neugeborn highlights innovative 4.0 Industirial Production.

Günay Can, Winner of the DLR Award for Aviation and Aerospace 2022, presents the aviation “Inferno project”

Excursion to Clean Rooms. Refreshments for all of us and a lively discussion.We hope to read your kind reply to